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First before we get too much into the reasons for an information product lets answer this question.

What is an information product?

Information products comes in many formats, all with the capability of delivering useful information to the receiver.

So in infromation products can come in the form of books, reports, articles, white or green papers and in fact in any written document.  Information products can also come in the form of audio files like a CD, video files DVDs or even in the form of documentaries.  These are all information products. The written documents are no

As you already know a item becomes a product when a price is attached to it.

Ok, so now that you know what an information product is; why should you consider getting an information product for your business?

Here are 3 good reasons why having an information product is essential to any business. .

1.      Investment: There is very little or no investment in creating an information product. It does require some research, but if you know your market already you will know why they are choosing your product.  The information product will inform your new prospects about your product or service. In other words it will cost you next to nothing to have an information product for your business.

2.       Differentiator:  Still in this day and age, most businesses never take the time to articulate what makes them different from their competitors.  An information product will be the perfect vehicle develop an information product that their prospect would appreciate.  Providing your customers with an information product about your business differentiates you from your competitors.

3.       Profit Builder:  An information product is useful for prospect that is not in the buying stage but seriously considering and waiting for some condition or event to occur.  An information product is a soft way to sell a potential prospect.

 As a business owner, seriously consider creating your own information product. 

Today you can get an information product creator that makes it so easy; the instructions are step by step.  Anyone can put together an information product in less than 30 minutes. 

This product come in the form of a pdf file but you will get access to 7 videos that explains how it is done one step at a time.  The best part is that it’s free.  

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