Worst Dressed Prime Minister

Compare Her to Other Fashionistas

Someone in the UNC camp thought they could justify the ridiculous outfit worn by a sitting prime minister to a Carnival Fete.   

Do you think she compares?

Does she make the cut?

Apparently she should fire her fashion advisers.  .

Your comments.

Here is what some facebook fans had to say.

Hahaha so u comparing our pm with Taylor swift and Kardashian???!!!.... Really...y not compare her with other leading females in the world likee Michelle Obama or the Jamaican pm... ... She is a pm.....even though is carnival time i dont think she or whoever dressed her did a good job...just my opinion

Now they know what Oscar looks like when he gets out the garbage can. 

And this from impaired sighted person...

 They just jealous that they can't ever look so good....is carnival season people, should she have worn a business suit, she dressed to blend in with the crowd comfortably and again....SHE LOOKING DAMN GOOD.

What you think?

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