Who Do You Think Will Win The Next Election?

Spying Into The Future  

This is an election year and it seems like once again, like déjà vu the population want to change the government.  And once again, the government just doesn’t get it.   They are adamant on winning the election.  A lot of money will be spent on a futile cause.  It was the same in the last general election. 

The PNM, Patrick Manning administration did not get it.  When it hit them like a ton of brick, Mr. Manning could not hide his surprise.  The people who supported him turned on him and chased him out of the party headquarters.  To Mr. Manning, the PNM party and his supporters the results devastated them.  Everyone else knew it was inevitable. 

Trinidad and Tobago is for all intent and purposes a two party state.  All the other parties and the independents are usually left out of the race. 

The present government pushed for constitutional change that would affect the upcoming elections but after a lot of heat the fire has cooled down.  It is rumored that it will not be signed by the President because if it passed before the elections it will help the opposition more than the incumbent party.  And they were the ones who were pushing for it to passed post haste.

In my humble opinion, I am no politician or analyst but the incumbent party will experience an awakening like the PNM had theirs five years ago.  It does not matter what legislation they are able to put in place, how much money they spend or how well they run their campaign, they will lose.  The people have had enough and they cannot pay all the people who want them out.

The only way the smaller parties or the independents will make a difference is to focus and generate a following based on a solid ideological position.  The PNM will win the next election without a doubt because there are no other significant choices.  They will win by default.

There are rumors about Mr. Rowley management style, his arrogance and aloofness.  It is also my opinion that the Prime Minister according to the constitution has too much power.  Power corrupts what is good.  Just imagine what it does with someone who has no moral compass. That is not something we have to try hard to imagine.  
They say everyone has one and I just showed mine. If you have one you can leave a comment below. 

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