The Pirates of The Caribbean

They May Not Be Who You Think?

The headline above was used by a political journalist" who ignores the reality of the day and writes one sided articles with no objectivity.

The article is written by Alexander Phillips and you an read what he said here.

Frankly, I think that this administration has lost touch with the people like the other one did.  No amount of propaganda will change what has been experienced in the last five years. 

Read my response to that article.

The writer hit the nail on the head about Jack. On Inshan, the jury is still out. Don't agree but that's not important. 

What really got me to write this response is when I ask why. Why the hell would anyone use history to explain away what's happening now?

For the people who don't know that was a great story, maybe even a good one sided history lesson. We can only write what we think we know. 

There must be a compelling reason for someone to totally ignore the crap that's happening now and focus instead on who stole or didn't steal ten years ago. Why stop there we are rich in that history. 

The funny thing is that now I am totally convinced that the writer has a political agenda. Not one word mentioned about, Anil, Sat, even our illustrious PM who just unleashed the Dogs of War on criminals. 

While the Police Commission sits quietly and says nothing about being called Dogs. I guess that is an improvement from Pigs. Nonsense all of it. Back to the point. 

I supported the PP government when the other PM was playing the ass with the country. That was wrong for the country then, and it's wrong now. 

Like going to court and telling the judge that people have been stealing for years so don't judge me cause I can tell you their names and where they thief. Bull, the judge will rightly say and send your ass where it belongs. 

Bull, send the writer to writer's jail. 

Two wrong never made anything right. 

The writer's point of view is bias, he attacks because he says that he is a "collector of history" Hopefully, everyone who knows can see through the veil, crafted to deflect mistakes and missteps of a failing government. 

More likely, he is collecting of dollars. Thinking of it, if I was paid well enough I would take a side. Writer make shit compared to government ministers.

Be real, how else can an intelligent Trinidadian get it all wrong like that. The simple answer is that he didn't get it wrong. 

He wants others to get it wrong. Nobody can use history to defend present corruption. 

Nuff said. Come to your own conclusions.

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