Power Soca Monarch Results 2014

2014 Power Soca Monarch Results In Order of Placement With Videos

Hot competition this Year.  This year I opted to stay home and take it in on the TV. Bad move,  Instead of it starting at 8PM as advertised it started at 10PM and by that time my head was in lala land. Anyhow, still wanted to post the results for the foreign readers who usually check it out. Youtube videos of the winning tunes when available. 

The Results

Power Soca Monarch

First Place. Machel Montano - :Ministry Of The Road"

Second Place: Hollice "Mr Kill@" Mapp - "Rolly Polly"

Tied Second Place. Neil Iwer George - "Mama Oye"

Tied Second Place. Destra Garcia - "Mash Up"

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