TnT PP Government Has Begun Its Slippery Slide From Grace

Yuh Hatta Think It, Before Yuh Do It

Trinbagonians Thinking Now

Trinidad and Tobago had 2 elections since my last post.  Time flies.

The local election results saw a strong return by the PNM.  You can read the resultshere.   

My predictions were all correct.  Love it when you could read the writing on the wall while other believe differently even in the face of facts.

First - The PNM walked away with 9 of the 14 available seats, gaining some inroads into the Chaguanas constituency.  The PP government saw it as a win for them, I'm not going to touch that, maybe you could figure it out.  

The ILP also was able to grab a couple of council seats in Chaguanas but in the end one of the Councilor cross over and voted for the UNC nomination for Mayor and control of the Chaguanas Corporation.  You can read about that here if you wish.   

St Joseph By-Election

UNC beaten again in the St Joseph Constituency By-elections.  The candidates and the results were as follows;

The winner:  PNM, Terrance Deyalsingh, previously a Senetor, calm low keyed.  He is the one who wondered why his opponents came to register as a candidate with tassa drums and a huge entourage of supporters. He won by 779 votes, see here.

Second  -: The UNC , Ian Alleyne:  Mr. Alleyne was a local talk show host who labeled himself as a one man crime fighter  whose favorite saying was “I’m not for sale”.  He surprised everyone by taking the UNC platform and lamblasting Jack Warner for lying about a phone call he got from the AG, Anand Ramlogan, offering him the candidacy for St. Joseph.   Then there were rumors that alleged that “He did not sell out because he was bi”  His promise was to help the security minister fight crime.  Now that he lost, he ent helping nobody. Makes you say hmmm ,

Third - ILP, Om Lalla, Om Lalla is Mr. Warner personal local lawyer and anyone would think that he had to know that he did not stand a chance of winning or even beating the PNM or the UNC in St. Joseph.  He maybe was thinking that the ILP would do what they did in Chaguanas where they won every district.  OK so if he knew, why did he do it?  It is my opinion that people have hidden agendas, things they don’t share with the public.  That would be the only plausible answer, and he is not sharing.

Independent Candidate Errol Fabian:  Local TV station owner and comedian, Errol is well intentioned and I could see why, like me, he did not align himself with any particular party and like me he should not have wasted his time and energy contesting the election.  His loss was too predictable.  

The fact is that an independent don’t stand a chance in this political climate.  People are looking for representation that could make a difference, if not now, at least in the next election which is due in 2015.  Errol offered no hope for people to access these services.  

He did however beat the last candidate, Mr. Lopez resoundingly; he got 300 votes.  From memory I believe that Mr. Lopez got one vote. Agenda again, the hidden agenda we may never read or hear about. 

The writing is really on the wall when a government that won a mandate in 2010 finds itself losing every election that is called during it’s reign.  In fact, few governments have had to face the embarrassing situation of having to conduct so many elections during its term of office. As we speakthe plot unfolds.

 The writing on the wall is saying that the government is about to change again.  In 2010, with Patrick Manning at the head of the PNM the government had to change.  Now we find ourselves at the same crossroads with no viable alternative but the PNM.

Do you see any other conclusion to this?

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