Is There Corruption In Trinidad & Tobago?

Corruption Is A Natural Self Preservation Instinct

The Trinidad and Tobago government insists on transparency and anti-corruption in everything it does.  As one in a not so large population it is a little differcult to believe.

I have no political affilations and even support the move to remove the PNM government from power because it was obvious that the then Prime Minister had become a megalomaniac.

The country should have paid more attention to the words of the previous Prime Minister and ex political leader of the party that ousted him Mr. Basdeo Panday.  He hit it on the head when he said the country could expect "an exchange and no change".

It was an exchange in sorts that brought on more than one government missteps.  The government went into a fenzy a couple months ago when someone in Jamaica accused it of "ethnic stocking" like a guilty child they started throwing tantrums.  It did not matter the proof as usual is in the pudding.

Blatant and public proof of corruption, despite and after the numerous accusations against Mr. Jack Warner and an international body FIFA label him "economical with the truth" the Prime Minister appointed him National Security Minister, Nobody needs an investigation or report to realize that there is some stale fish in the market. 

If you had any questions take a look at the following videos.  They were not put together by crazies, corruption is real and living color in Trinidad and Tobago.   

Afra Raymond is an anti-corruption activist/blogger focuses on the collapse and bailout of CLICO.

Three Myths About Corruption


Trinidad & Tobago Betrayed.

Section 34 Fiasco The Truth

Is There Corruption In Trinidad and Tobago NOW?

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