Friday, March 8, 2013

6 Years Later "Youth Voices Magazine" Still Strong

For a few years now I have been associated with a young magazine put together by a group of youths managed by David Massiah. I met David when I had first returned to Trinidad. It was quite by accident,

I had created a local merchant coupon booklet and was in the process of selling pages to local businesses when a merchant in Tunapuna that he had already purchased from David Massiah.

Who was David Massiah?, I asked.

Somehow we connected after hearing about him from the merchant.  David was the master mind behind the Youth Voice Magazine.

 He organized the youths and coordinated the entire magazine production process sold ads and begged for sponsorship from where ever it came.  I remember one of our initial conversations:

 Me: "Hey David both you and I know that kids not reading anymore"

Him: "Yes but they should and the stuff they getting is all about T&A. I want to offer something different, something more positive."

That has been his position ever since in hard times even when other people suggested that he do what sells.  I sold him a couple of copy writing services and moved on but we kept in touch. Soon I was contributing articles and assisting in small ways with the magazine.

I remember one day he came asking a favor; write a letter to the then Prime Minister Patrick Manning to get an interview. I obliged and he was called to the PM office for the interview.  He has been able to secure interview with celebrities, sports figures and politicians.  In his latest issue he features Anya Ayoung-Chee.  Find out why she is not thinking about getting married and what her plans for the future in fashion after her success in Project Runway.

The magazine is published quarterly and it targeted to youths in Trinidad and Tobago with a focus on belonging in the Caribbean region. According to David, the magazine is NOT just a magazine, the magazine should be the voice of a movement. A movement that is not physical but mental. It's a movement, a mental process where youths are asked to consciously choose between a healthy,

God driven lifestyle or venture out alone and ignorant.

Youth Voices is an option for youths who are constantly exposed to a variety of weaknesses in our society. Membership in the Youth Voices Movement means that this particular youth has been exposed to positive influences. Youth Voices members are conscious of what’s right and wrong and assume responsibility for all their actions. They hold to the tenets of their respective religions, they are respectful, ambitious and have a sense of community.

 Please view the Youth Voice latest magazine online. I agree with and support David's idealism. He is no longer a client he's a friend.

Take a look at the latest online Youth Voice Magazine 11 Issue

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