Is Jack Warner Afraid of The Truth? (unplanned post)

Using Copy Write Laws To Harass

Jack Warner or somebody working for him have decided that one of my posts made few months ago infringed on his rights.  

On two occasions a cease & desist complaint was submitted to Google as a violation of his rights.  Automatically. Google disables the post so that it could be resolved with a warning that if it is re-published it will be a violation.  So I removed his picture and republished the content.

What's stupid about it is that if someone had contacted me and said that they wanted the content removed,  I probably would have done it.  To report a violation for a photo just is not the right thing to do.  Google provided a link to check on the specific violation reported.  Unfortunately the site associated with the link said that the search feature was disabled.  

The fact is though there was nothing that violated anyone's rights.  It must have been the picture because everything else is in the public domain.  

Reporting a violation once was not significant but twice makes it worth mentioning.  

Below you can read the post as it was originally published.  This post is minus the stunningly handsome picture of Mr. Warner. 

Does the post below violate anyone rights?  If you think it does, let me know.  

It was titled: 

 Why is Jack Warner Not Helping These Chinese People?

Trinidad and Tobago Crime Buster

  You just would not believe how stupid some people can be.  For those of you who don’t keep up with the crimes in Trinidad and Tobago, two Chinese nationals were shot to death in a recent robbery.  Sad, but everyone is being targeted by youths who want to get rich on other peoples’ sweat. 

Jack Warner in his capacity as National Security Minister in his eagerness to show the nation how conscientious he is about his job visited the relatives of the murdered victims.  Of course, as has been his political style and habit he made a media pronouncement; he will help.   

He must have been referring to the death stipends paid to locals who are entitled to benefits.  He also offered them protection which as Minister of National Security it must not have been such an outlandish promise. 

OK, so big surprise today’s Express front page head line “No Help from Jack” (link below)
You can read the story from the link below but what's confusing is what were the relatives thinking when they opened up to reporters.  Why would they attempt to bite the hand that promised to feed them?  If anyone know people and especially government officials it would be the Chinese. Something is wrong here.  

Are they thinking that the story would embarrass Jack and by extension the government into getting tickets for 3 to China?  Actually no price could be put on the loss of a mother and father so it must not have been the funds for the tickets they wanted.  Just wanted the population to know not to believe promises by government officials.

Or maybe the reporters led them to believe that what they said would not be reported.  Sometimes these things are not what they appear to be but whatever the reason, I’m sure of one thing.

Jack Warner will not help them now.  

He has weather bigger storms than this. He reminds me of the Teflon Don of the New York crime family.  Nothing sticks on him.  Jack has something to prove with this new job. He will not allow something like that to get in his way of proving that he is the right man for the job.  

 In my opinion, by putting their concerns in the public domain they have ensured their fate.  Not openly but silently and behind the scenes.  All he has to do is nothing but now maybe he will do a little bit more than nothing.

OK, I may be wrong but I would bet that this is the way it will play out.  Read the article and share what you think.   

 Would you help them?

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