Online Marketing for Results

Honestly, it's a blessing that more businesses are not online

I know, I know I should not think like that but I really believe that it's true.  Some businesses 
really have no business online, they need to focus on the business they have offline. 

You know how they say that a little knowledge hurts some people, well that is absolutely true for
most traditional businesses with a web site. These business owners know that they should have 
a web site, they know that millions of dollars are made by other businesses online everyday.

That's why they were compelled to build a web site.

The problem is that because they know this they think they are "all set" when it comes to the internet.  
They already have a site so what else do they need.

The question they hate to answer is:  How is that working for you?

They either speak in hyperbolies or are honest enough to admit that it adds no value to their business other
than the bragging rights to their customer.

Imagine what a business could accomplish with sales and marketing tools that helped you convert more leads, boost sales and save time-automatically.

Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, combining your CRM, email marketing and e-commerce tools together into one system. 

From personalized lead nurturing and follow-up, to better sales pipeline management, to an integrated shopping cart, Infusionsoft can help you do it all with automation.
Ready to see what Infusionsoft is all about? 

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