Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Video History of Trinidad & Tobago Steel Pan

A Documentary of How An American Teacher Appropriated The Art  of The Steel Pan For US Consumption

An unusual twist to the history of the steel pan.  The video was produced back in the 1956 it's intended to document the making of a steel pan.

The narrator is an American, Peter Seeger who also wrote a manual for playing steel drums.  It is an informative video especially for the local youth who are unaware of the origins of the pan.

Look at it to the end, you will see how the pan making art started propagating throughout the globe. At the end of the video when the narrator assured the pan maker that the pan would be heard all over America.

He responds with "Take me up to America" implying that he could make as many pans as they want.  But our visitor had already six hands on video documentation of how to make and tune a pan.  This is a very interesting video if you have an open mind.  Take a look at hit to the end.  .


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