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The "Soul of the Caribbean" is published by a self taught web designer and marketer Brian Mitchell who goes by the name NativeTT.  Brian, a past potential client turned friend through connections in social media has single-handedly carved out a substantial net space for the region. 

I was inspired by his creativity.  From his small office in St James NativeTT is responsible for the development of a number of exclusively Caribbean websites.  He is also the publisher of a number of  local magazines targeting what he called “West Enders”.  That is communities in the Woodbrook, St James and Port of Spain area.

His magazines are magnets for local advertising are distributed, at no cost, to strategic locations in communities west of Port of Spain.

Online for a number of years, he has always focused on the larger Caribbean communities.  Recently he launched a site that is a virtual resource for natives as well as anyone interested in the Caribbean.  It’s a compilation of news reports from various islands in the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean Blogger appreciates the effort, energy and financial investment these sites require to be created and maintained.  As a token of support to this effort, the Caribbean Blogger will focus on promoting his sites in the month of June.  The intention is to provide you with access to the entire Caribbean community from a series of portals and themes.  

These sites truly represents the “Soul of the Caribbean.  First take a look at the Caribbean News Reviews with articles from islands in the Caribbean. The Soul of The Caribbean.

Then visit his other sites below.

Caribbean Gospel TV

Know The Caribbean 

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