Friday, April 27, 2012

You Only Need One Set of Anti Theft Wheel Locks

A Common Sense Savings Tip

This is a tip that I borrowed from a note post on my Facebook Page, How To Buy A Used Car In T&T.  If you drive a vehicle in the Caribbean you may need this tip.   

You know the anti theft wheel lock purchased so that some desperate misfit don't steal the four wheels off your car.  These wheel log nuts comes in a set of four per pack and cost about $200 TTD.  


Too many times I notice that cars are outfitted with one set of four per wheel.

That is 3 sets of extra anti theft  locking wheel nuts.  The store loves this but it only makes
the vehicle owner look like a dumb dumb or overly paranoid.  It does not make sense. 

Here's the logic.  Each tire only needs one lock nut.  The other three nuts on the wheel
should be the regular wheel nuts.  It's impossible for a thief to remove the tire if you
have just one lock nut. Unless of course you think the have the key and it will take them 
longer to take off four nuts instead of one. 

Buying 3 extra sets and bolting down your tires is overkill.  And besides, you could save
about $600.   

If you know of someone with four lock nuts on each wheel, wispher this tip. On the other
hand, say nothing; why should they take off 3 perfectly good sets of anti theft wheel nuts.  

Your better move would be to try to prevent others from doing it before it's too late.

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Have a great day. 

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