Monday, August 1, 2011

Why Did PM Kamla Visit The Crashed CAL Plane In Guyana?

She Stunned The Country By Personally Visiting The CAL Crash In Guyana

Prime Minister Kamla impromptu decision to visit the down Caribbean Airline in Guyana positioned her as an attention seeking, news hound.   

Unfortunately, there was no diplomatic advantage or even a guanine sense of compassion that was demonstrated here.  Express Story

In fact, as far as diplomacy was concern, her position was the air craft should not be moved to which the Guyana PM objected and insisted that it will be moved.  Wonder who had the last word on that issue?   

It brings back memories of a serious accident on the Churchhill Roosevelt Highway where people just stop to look causing a massive pile up in both directions?   Credit it to human nature to gawk at others misfortunes and simultaneously be grateful that “it’s them not me”.   

 This was a case of a country, represent by Prime Minister Kamla gawking at an accident personally.  

Our government also took the responsibility to fly ONE member of an injured pilot to Guyana to be at his side, even though there were no serious injuries.  All this, in a country where three citizens lose their lives under questionable circumstances, presumably innocent citizens are detained in Venezuelan waters are still languishing in a caboose with no government assistance.  

OK, if the rationale is that Trinidad and Tobago owns Caribbean Airlines and as head owner it is important to seek the interest of the Airline.  Then why did Nicolas go without the entourage of Ministers?  What would happen if RedJet crashed.

Maybe, just maybe it is because the price of an airplane is more important than one life snuffed out in “normal” circumstances.  Personally, I don’t know how the rest of the country would view it but in my humble opinion that trip to Guyana by PM Kamla was a bad public relations decision.   It added no value to the country, the victims or the Caribbean Airlines. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

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