Trinidadian Attempts to Blacklist Their Country’s Image To Live in The United States.

Repeatedly Rejected, They Are To Be Returned Home

An Indian family has been trying since 2006 to have Trinidad and Tobago labeled as "dangerous to Indians who return here from the United States".  As such, they were seeking asylum.. 

That’s bad enough but a local Trinidad and Tobago newspaper, Newsday, August 7th, Sunday Morning edition splashed the headline below.  Obviously to increase circulation but other motives can be imputed. The headline read....

You can read the rest of the story by clicking the link but consider the moral and ethical issues related to this story.  First, this is blatant sensationalism.  The headline does not support the content of the story.  This is irresponsible reporting with or without the intent to incite a particular segment of the society against another.  It could be cited as seditious.  But nobody is saying anything about it.  

As far as the story goes, this family overstayed their time in the United States. When challenged, they decided to seek asylum, the reason; "they will be targeted because they are Indians and they lived in the United States.  

The case has been in federal court since 2006 and each time it was rejected by various immigration court.  Each time it was rejected, it was re-filed with a higher authority.  Eventually, it reached the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) who also rejected their claim.…

 “The BIA concluded that while the Poorans had presented evidence that kidnapping was a problem in Trinidad and Tobago, they had not shown that individuals were targeted due to their race or membership in any protected class,” 

The not spoken aspect of this case is that now that they have been firmly rejected and must return to Trinidad; how do they expect to live in a country where they expect to be kidnapped?  and

Would the people they know here readily accept them back after they have for years had the country blacklisted internationally as “beset with violence”?  

It would be indeed unfortunate if something was to happen to this family when they are returned to Trinidad.  They will always be known as the family that was willing to sacrifice the reputation of an entire country so that they could live in the United States.

The length our people are willing to go in pursuit of personal comfort.  It’s amazing.  

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