Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trinidad Cricketers Arrested For Marijuana

The End Of A Cricketing Career

"Put it out. Out it now", he screamed as he turned the curve on the Lady Young Road. "Is ah road block"

"Just be calm and hide the ganja". It was too late.

Those words or something similar was the beginning of the end of so so careers for two West Indian cricketers in Trinidad.  

Trinidad batsman Runako Morton (played for the T&T team but not a Trinidadian) and Leewards Island all rounder Tonito Willet were arrested in Port of Spain for possession of over 500 grammes of marijuana.   

Exactly what 500 grammes looks like is a mystery but it had to be much more than a couple of joints.  There's no way they will be charged with selling "ten and twenty pieces" because they were gainfully employed.

This is hearsay but according to the rumors, Runako was the cricketer who left an international game to return home because according to him his mother had died.  It was learned later that that was untrue but it was quitely  swept under the cricket mat.  But this is worse.

Don’t know if Runako expected it but theT&T Team manager, Omar Khan,  quickly distanced himself from him. by giving the press the following statement. 

"Unfortunately Runako Morton abandoned the team last night [Friday night] against team guidelines and team rules and he left the team hotel at Cascadia and did not return and when we were leaving the hotel this morning [Saturday morning] at 8.15 am there was still no sign of Morton. We tried to call his cell phone but he could not be contacted.
"This morning [Saturday morning] at around 11 a.m, we got a call from the manager of the Cascadia Hotel indicating that the Police has just reported that Morton was held last night together with Tonito Willet of the Leeward Islands and they found marijuana on them." 

Sorry Runako,  yuh cricketing days over boy.  Yuh done gone an break the law, get ready to pay a big fine.  Dey does fine yuh bigger than if it was cocaine.  Hope yuh have another skill besides playing cricket.

This might be begging the question, but;.  If yuh wasn't selling weed, why yuh travelling with so much?  

Well, guess the police asking the same questions too. 

Hope yuh have a satisfactory answer. 

Read the rest of the story from Cricinfo

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