Carnival Cool Down and Wrap Up

Putting It In Perspective

The day after Ash Wednesday is always a day most Trinis want to stay home from work.  Is the cool down after the cool down on Ash Wednesday at the beach.   

My cousin in New York told me a few years ago that Trinis have a tell tale characteristi.  It's like how you know a zebra.  Trini he said; "like to party".  I know that  Black Americans like to party just as hard and even harder if they can.  Like peas in a pod.  

I attended more than one exclusively Black American birthday party in Boston for one to there years olds who were dead asleep before the party started.  I wondered how in the world a baby could sleep comfortable with the loud music and shouting.  We do that too.

I know one thing, we all like money the same, it does not matter the colour; blue, green, white, black, brown  or gold.  This Carnival had some embrassing moments because of the money. More than one group acted like...

Crabs in a barrel mentality.    

Ravi B gone mad on stage,  soca stars throwing words like jammets , a band leader insulted, everybody want 2 million. And the government is smiling.  Does Carnival have anything to do with culture?

Like we say in Trini “So wah go happen when d money done?”  That is the 2 million dollar question now.  Everybody want a change to do what they been doing for years for nothing or next to nothing.  The PP Government has raised the financial expectation standards for artists in this country.  

Notice, it is financial expectation and not qualitative.  Very few of the 2 million winners left an enduring message for the people to adopt or emulate.  Even when they did it was lost in the Carnival noise rarely to be recalled. 


Let’s leave them new rich people for a minute.  Ah hear Gibbs say that this was a quiet Carnival considering how many people were in the streets. The police did an excellent job in keeping crime at bay.  He shoulda read the Express first.

That man must be mad. Either that  or he was not on the job.  Over the Carnival weekend over 12 ah we gone to we maker.  A dozen Trinis bite the dust and the man say all went well.That's not well in Canada and its certainly not well here.

He wants it to be 2 dozen before he gets off his lil ass and do something.  

OK, I done before ah open meh mouth here.  You could agree, disagree or feel indifferent? 


Stay Blessed.   

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