"We will need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as we have in the last 8, 000,"

Will We Eat Ourselves Out Of Existence?

As a Caribbean blogger I felt it would be remiss of me if I did not share this.

The headline above is REAL, that is if you want to believe the experts. It has far reaching serious implications for people in the Caribbean and the globe. Consider the source; it did not come the Russians but directly from the horse’s mouth, the United Nations.

This is a problem that actually portends the survival of the human species. It affects every community, region, nation and hemisphere in the world. There is no individual solutions here, it must first be recognized by governments and global organizations.

As the world turns the only time it will truely be recognized is when there are drastic food shortages; not before. If the same study was done 50 years ago and extrapolated the population growth; it would have been sadly inaccurate. Unpredictable events like World War one, two and the Vietnam war could not have been taken into consideration. The culmative results of those wars meant that literally millions of mouths never need to be fed.

According to the infomation coming to hand, the following are the reasons the world will find itself hungry by 2050. This of course assumes that there will not be another great World war that decimates half of the projected population:

 Global Population Growth
- This growth is projected mostly in Africa and South Asia but it refers to the overall growth of all countries.

 Global Increased Income
- The fact is that an increase in income means people can buy more, eat more. Income is expected to at least triple by 2050 allowing access to more food.

 Lack of Family Planning
– Not only is over population an issue but not acknowledging it makes it a more serious problem. Very few if any of the countries in the world have in place structured family planning guidelines. And when they do, like China did other implications arises.

What’s the solution other than another world war or natural disaster that wipes out most but not all of the world population? Simply grow more food, control the population intelligently and improve the wealth generating power of a greater percentage of the population. LOL, the answer to the world’s food problem in one sentence. It really should not be that easy.

What does that mean for me in the Maracas Valley in Trinidad or for you in your part of the world? It means that your community, region, country must focus on the legacy left to our children. Population growth and food production is important to every nation. Imagine if China or India runs out of food and they learn that here in the Caribbean there is a supply of green tasty vegetables? Invasions and wars?

The solution offered is the only way to forestall the inevitability of over consumption of food stock.

Read what they are saying in Washington here: Planet could be 'unrecognizable' by 2050, experts say

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