Monday, November 8, 2010

Tomas Leaves Caribbean Destruction and Misunderstanding

It;s Either Aid Or It's Business<; Not Both

Our Honorable Prime Minister’s recent pronouncement on giving aid to our Caribbean neighbors who were victims of hurricane Tomas was indeed unfortunate. It is the only disagreement

I have had with a statement… nah, did not like the “take it or leave it” statement either. Well I guess this is the second time that I disagreed with a statement uttered by our Honorable Prime Minister. Here’s why.

In time of need, it is an instinctive nature of man to reach out and help. The story of the good Samaritan is ample reference. If the Samaritan had said: “I will give you lodging if you work for me tomorrow” that entire biblical lesson would have been lost.

But I trust that the PM knows the teachings of the Gita and she demonstrated this when she assumed this position. According to the Trinidad Express

The fact is that there is no reason to put conditions on any aid even if the country decides to source their construction services and material from another partner who could not help. I think it was wrong but it is I who could be too quick to judge…
I’m not privy to a lot of information our Honorable Prime Minister has.

But here is one response many of the haters in the other Caribbean islands may not have thought of...

It could be possible that what she was actually saying is that “we broke”. It would be a serious shock, that instead of saying what she said she decided to “buss the mark”.

Just let everyone know that Trinidad and Tobago is on the brink of declaring bankruptcy and we need all the money we have or could get. Could you imagine the run on banks, especially when people know what happen to CLICO depositors? Nah, that would be madness.

But the signs are there. The Governor of the Central Bank comes out of the blues and says we lost over 24,000 jobs in the last fiscal year. Jack Warner saying that the government wants to offer the contractors bonds instead of cash. All yuh blind or wah.

The government is offering and standing firm on a one percent increase for the PSA and offering to pay off CLICO depositors in 20 years. If those are not signs to what we do not know then… Oh yeah, they cancel the OPV even after the British government beg them to buy just one. OK, you decide for yourself.

Here is my position, the problem is politics and governance. The government cannot tell the people what is really going on because it will literally turn this country on its ass. It is for the wise to see and hear. Look at the signs, they there.
The government may be in a rather tricky position.

They cannot say what they know because of the potential to hurt the people. And because they cannot communicate to the people the people keep the demands high.

The PSA want 100% increase for their lowest worker from $3,300 to $6000. CLICO depositors want all their money now; HCU too. Everywhere you turn government is being asked to pay, pay, pay. Now think of this.

If you knew what the Honorable Prime Minister may know and then you hear that Tomas beat up St Lucia.

What would you say?

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