Free Video Commercial Offer For Business Owners In Trindad & Tobago

Free? Why Would You Do That?" The Surprised Business Owner Exclaimed

Have you noticed the number of videos online? The web is evolving naturally to adapt to the information overload most users experience. Wonder if it fits into Darwin's Theory of Evolution?

It is now accepted that most internet ueers are scanners. People are reading less especially from a computer screen. Reading has become an acivity that we must do in order to accumulate knowledge so we compensate by grabbing tid bits of text like headlines and sub headlines. Video are just a better way to disseminate information.

The human species has always sought out an easier way to do most task and so it is with reading. For example, what would you do if you were asked to solve a heavy math problem? Would you work it out in your head if you had a calculator? Duh?

Similarly, it's easier to watch a quick video,get the message and move on. This is the MTV Generation with an audience that is very familiar with quick attention grabbing snippets. Videos are by far the fastest growing medium on the web.

Here are some little known, eye opening facts about online videos:

* 60% of all web traffic is video (
* 70% plus web visitor watch online videos (NY Times)
* 27 mins. per day is the average time visitors view youtube videos
* Every few minutes search engines visit video sites
* Videos are easier to rank for niche and local searches

Business owners and marketers have embraced this new technology. Articles are being converted into video, sales letters are dictated on video and even entire marketing campaigns are executed on video.

The reason is simply that video offers a visual edge. It appeals to more of the senses and is easily understood by most consumers. Videos can instantly earn trust and credibility. A professionally crafted video can be the trigger that increases web or offline traffic.

The biggest drawback with videos is the production cost. For the local small business merchant video commercial is only a far off possibility. Or so it was until recently when technology caught up like Usain Bolt in a 100 meter race.

Now it's possible to make a video commercial for a fraction of what other businesses are paying. And look just as good.

Consider the possibilities offered in the video below. (If you are unable to see the video: View It Here)


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