Google's "Wonder Wheel" - What's That?

The Simpliest Way to Find Competitive Keywords

The Internet is like the backbone of a caterpillar with millions of connected little feet sending messages to  nerve centers that transmit information to a CPU.   On the internet everything is linked by words and hypertext.

Every concievable topic on the internet has a unique set of words that when used together could only refer to that particular subject matter.  These words  are  known as key words for that particular topic.

We sometime forget that Google and Yahoo primary purpose was locating the right content for searchers.  To be better at what they do, these search engines are constantly improving.

Last year (May 2009) Google introduced a very useful key word tool called the “Wonder Wheel”.   This can be found by doing a normal search for any key word in Google.  In the page that comes up after such a search you will see a link that appears just above the top of the results that says “Show Options”,

For more and a video tutorial go here

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