4 Simple Reasons Why You Should Start Your Business Blog Today

Blogging Is Not A Trend

Here is a secret that’s not a secret. The quickest way to begin establishing a web presence is to start with a blog. This is a secret that many designers rarely tell their clients. The reason is simple, there is no profit in telling you about a blog.

Of course, you need a website but before you go running to a web designer, build a business blog, The reality is that having a website is not all it appears to be. Ask any business owner with a website. Most websites attract very few visitors and direct revenue from many of them occur only occasionally. It’s depressing but true many business owners would rather not discuss their website numbers; if they are even aware of what they are.

What they do know is that there is very little business originating from their sites.
The reason is simple. Most business owners are not on the internet enough to market their sites. Add to that it does not matter how educated a person is even with degrees in marketing, internet marketing is a ball game that everyone needs to learn to play before jumping in. The way things are done on the internet is a little, well a lot different from what is done offline. That is only one of the reason my recommendation is that…

Your blog should be the hub with direct links to your website.

It is where you can meet, greet and qualify new prospects or communicate with your favorite or special clients. A place where you can explain your business, show your passion and expertise in what you do.

Even if your business do not have a web site, you should have a blog. And if you do have a site there is a compelling reason to build a blog. Here why:

1.Blogs are free and you can choose from a number of free blogger platforms Goggle has Blogger and there is Wordpress, almost every membership site has a blog or some sort of private posting space.

2.Once a blog is setup adding content about your business is as simple as logging in and posting new content about your business. It does require that that you be creative with your content but you do have options.

3.If you do not have the internal staff expertise who can develop content there are private label right content or out-sourcing options to posts.

4.If you have the ability or can follow instruction you can do it yourself. There are a variety of programs on the internet that makes it really inexpensive to set up and use a blog.

Not having a web site everyone will understand but being in business and not having a blog is like being in a rapidly moving river in a canoe without a paddle. There is no other way to quickly establish your web presence, personal or business.

Use this link HERE to find out how to set up your word press blog.

Be Well

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