Web Designers, Web Developers; Are they the same?

Understanding The Internet By Understanding What People Do

To the a newbie, a web designer and a web developer are one and the same. When you understand what they do then you will understand the difference.

A web designer creates websites, they organize your information, create page lay outs. They put the client’s ideas based on the information they are provided to provide an online electronic picture. There goal is always to represent the clients’ ideas and to be aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Web designers must be able to…

:: Layout web pages using HTML, XHTML, XML, and other languages
:: Use HTML (hand code), JavaScript and CSS
:: Represent client’s ideas, needs and expectations on a web page.
:: Develop simple navigation elements (such as navigation bars)
:: Use design tools such as Photoshop
:: Fit into a web development team
:: Create Flash and animated programs
:: Understand and implement web standards
:: Understands Search Engine Optimization

Some web designers understand basic theories of Internet marketing but they are usually not versed in to any great degree in the nuance of marketing online. It is not a requirement for web design. Web designers are usually a one man show. However, because of the nature of web design a good designer should have skills that overlap with that of a web developer.

In an earlier post we examined some of the available web designers offering their services in the Trinidad Express. Check out that post here.

What does a web developer do?

A web developer also design websites but they do much more. Developers are more focused on high end complex websites that require a team of web designers to complete a project. As a rule most large corporations only do business with web developers although in developing countries some large corporation still engage individual designers.

A web developer functions include getting his team to take a site from concept, including layout, appearance and functionality for the target audience. Their goal is to make the layout as simple as possible yet sophisticated enough to attract the targeted prospect. Other functions or team members required to develop an effective ecommerce site are…

• E-commerce strategy manager
• Web programmer
• Interface designer
• Product development manager
• Web producer
• Website security administrator
• Content developer

There are many mistakes a business owner can make in developing ar web presence. Avoiding this One is easy, now that you know the difference. If you still do not have a web site. Do you think you need a designer or a developer?

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