Are You A Social Network Addict?

Social networks kill time. One minute to check an email can turn into a couple of hours in a blink... seems that way.

They all do, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or any of the ones you can name.

Would agree that the biggest offender of them all is Facebook?

Facebook is addictive. Officially recognized as a soft-addiction, it pulls addicts into a maze of interesting applications, likes, and comments by friends and “friends” of “friends”.

On Facebook alone there are have a few million addicts hailing from almost every country in the world. They follow an electronic path on a daily basis to get their daily fixes. Some like the games, the apps, the comments or just to see what’s new. Social networks are an acceptable addiction to any internet user but an addiction all the same. So how do you kick the habit?

Well you may not want to, like most addictions there must be a very good reason to stop. But there is something you can do to reduce the time spent on social network sites like Facebook. It’s called “Hubze”. Strange name, but find out how it works to save you time. Is that money?

View the video below or if not available go here.


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