Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Only Put My Birth Date There Because It Was Required

It is lovely, when I forget all birthdays, including my own, to find that somebody remembers me. - Ellen Glasgow

I want to publicly say THANK YOU to all my friends all over the world for expressing Happy Birthday wishes to me by way of electronic cards, comments, emails,IMs and posts on social media sites.


Each greeting brought a smile to my face. A few were a little surprising, not of the greeting itself but surprised at the people who sent it. The surprise was that they took the time, even if it was a couple seconds, to send a greeting.

OK, I know, it does not take long but believe me I have seen many notices too and ignored them. I tell myself I’m too busy; but if I was, what am I doing on the site?

So for everyone who sad HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I say THANK YOU AGAIN.

Today I am, (snicker, if you don’t know, well…). One of life’s strange contradictions, children use fractions to tell their ages by the time they are teens they add a couple of years around forty they minus a couple and over fifty everybody gets quiet. Life is funny,you gotta love it.

To be perfectly tony instead of frank with you, I’m the kinda person who enjoy every day, I look at it as a time to grow, to know, to be, to give back and give thanks for health and well being. Over the years I have skillfully caught and deflected many of life’s curve balls and have gotten pretty good at it. I think I can call myself a happy person even though I still have wants I do know that I'am not perfect. I see my birthday as a measurement of the years I’m here but it’s only one day in a continuum.

This year, I give thanks for BEING, for meeting and communicating with people who I may never meet in my life but who have touched me in a special way with their communication and even their non-communication. ( I do believe strongly in the NLP concept that people cannot not communicate. It may appear one way but it never is).

Your wishes have taught me a valuable lesson. From now on I will stop and wish everyone I see whose birthday is coming up HAPPY BIRTHDAY. It might be you.

Thanks again everyone.


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