Friday, September 18, 2009

Do You Know Why Are You Here, Right Now, Reading This?

We Are All Motivated By Selfishness But We All Love People

You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life. -Les Brown

Most internet users, and this may include you, view the internet as an electronic connection to endless free information… for the most part they are right. It is certainly the largest man made reservoir of information on any topic, issue or idea under the sun. That’s when it was an infant gooing and gaaing.

But the Internet is no longer a child, it has grown up. The teenager has become social.

Originally, the Internet was primarily designed to share information, emails, then pictures and later small files. For most, email was an electronic marvel and dialup was the most available and annoying connection. Searching for free information drove hordes to the Internet, then Google was born.

Now you can “google” anything and get spot-on results. The more Google was able to give searchers what they wanted in a search, their popularity grew and everyone clicked on google to find free information.

Soon Goolge was offering Gmail, adwords and adsense and a suit of other online income generating services. Now “to google” is accepted as a verb in the English language.

To cut to the point, goolge is now a multimillion dollar company because it gave the people what they wanted. And why is this important to you?

Well, to be honest it may not be. God did such a terrific job of designing the world and it’s people that he made us all different.

He made some of us entrepreneurs with a fire in our hearts to become more successful. He made us so ambitious that we would only stop if and when illness or death stepped in, we love the trill of the hunt that much.

Mind you, we are willing to work, risk failures, love, money, time and sometimes even passion for a dream. But we never lose the passion to be independent. But there is a bold contradiction herre, except for a small percentage the majority of really true-to-heart entrepreneurs have regular jobs.

Most driving passion is to find a way out of a job. They usually dislike their bosses, co-workers and even themselves for not being more educated, courageous or lucky enough. They hate going day after day and they suffer silently, some not so silently.

There are quite a few who love their jobs but it’s only a step away from the next stone. The really adventurous employees; jump ship the minute things don’t suit their fancy.

These dissatisfied and temporarily satisfied people are the ones that are drawn to the internet seeking a better opportunity but…

Let’s not forget the millions who are totally unconcerned about any opportunity. They love their jobs and are resigned to resign from it when the time comes. These people know themselves, all these grandiose dollar sign means nothing to them they in fact cannot believe that other people get attracted to such nonsense.

As they see it, the only way their financial position will change is if they win the lottery or inherit an unknown fortune. For them the Internet is a place to get information or maybe visit and become a member of a site like Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed other than that’ it’s a nuisance.

They are on there because everybody; family, friends, neighbors and co-workers are on there. Most have a bare bones understanding about anything other than sending emails and now they are on social networks.

Facebook the company just announced they have reached a milestone of over 300,000,000 visitors with over 50 million daily users.

Impressive numbers of people keeping old connections, chatting occasionally, sharing tons of Facebook apps, and showing how they feel about the world by joining a kazillion causes. They may also belong to Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin and Flikester, orkut and they all have an identity on one or on many one of the social network site they choose.

Where do you fit in?

To be continued: The next post explains how I ended up here writing to you and why I think these social network sites are a Godsend for entrepreneurs and the world at large.

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