Have you heard of Web 3.0?

The other day I was chatting with a friend of mine when I realized something. There are a lot of people who don’t have the slightest clue as to what is meant by Web 2.0. Does that amaze you?

I found myself explaining it to my friend suddenly realizing that this was the umpteenth time that I was explaining this to someone. Now these are not dummies but people with facebook accounts who are on the web for a significant portion of the day. So I decided to document what I have been sharing with them. its really just the way I understand it. I would usually start my explanation like this...

Can you remember how when you first started using the internet that the only way you communicated with your friends and family was by email? They would usually say yes. Then I would say something to the affect that email was a very big improvement over snail mail. Unfortunately, in both cases even thought email was almost instant the sender still had to wait for a response. Fortunately, unlike snail mail the response to an email was much faster. Well we can call using traditional email Web 1.0, you were using the web but had to wait for a response.

Well now with social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Pluse, Twitter and over 20 other sites you can now congregate online with your friends and family. You can still send email but now you can also chat, post pictures, videos comments and play with the various applications and gadgets on the site. This expansion of the capability of the internet is what is referred to as Web 2.0 but there is more.

Now there is what can be consider Web 3.0 and this has further revolutionized the web by modifying some of the old features and making it them more dynamic. For example, did you know that developers have come up with a site with totally different internet tools like{

o Email: You can now get emails with the following features: self destruct,
recallable, trackable and can include

o Video Email you can now send video emails to anyone using the tools on the

o Make Money, You get a $50 referral free when you invite your friends. Plus
other ways to make money on the site.

o Instant Messenger: You can use instant messaging like Yahoo IM and Gtalk
to instantly chat with your friends online.

o Web 2.0 sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are also being

You would think that something like this will cost you hundreds of dollars to use. Just having the ability to send video email along could include a substantial monthly fee. But the site offers everything for free, zero, nadas nothing. Of course there is an upgrade option but you can do that whenever you feel like it. Well there is a cost to getting all the tools. You must become a member of the site. Trust me, go there and you will not be disappointed.

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Thanks for reading.

Be well

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