Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Choice For Caribbean Basin Think Tank Members

This post is directed to members of the Caribbean Basin Think Tank on Plaxo Pulse.

Over the past few months navigation has become extremely difficult on Plaxo. As a result we have decided to move this group to a new location. Invitations have been sent to a few members to join on a new Caribbean social network; Caribbean Axis, a community of Caribbean businesses and people.

We have established a community there so that we can continue sharing information related to the Caribbean. If you wish to stay connected to this group please go to this link, sign up and look under "New Community" for the Caribbean Basin Think Tank or search for the key word "Tony Puckerin". Everyone is invited to join and continue to share information about Caribbean business.

Thanks you and if you choose, See you on the other side.

Tony Puckerin

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