Friday, February 8, 2008


Anything worth doing should start with a vision, this blog is no different. This blog was conceived after the network on Linkedin and Plaxo left much to be desired in term of functionality and in the case of Plaxo, who makes it hard for members to stay on point. In my opinion, a group that is formed for a particular purpose should stick to that topic no matter what. It is a major challenge to do that on Plaxo which has it good points.. Its too easy to post an off topic to all the groups. In fact, all group posts are automatically posted to the Everyone page. Think that if you wanted to share with everyone, then why join a group with a particular interest. For this reason this blog was created. The intention here is to ...

  • Provide relevant local and regional news, links to other Caribbean sites, business contacts and referrals while getting daily commentary on Caribbean business as it is affected globally.
  • Provide a taste morsel of each country in the Caribbean through a network of island representatives sharing their country's information here.
  • Provide a forum for business to business contacts for mutual exchange, of ideas, data, advertise, make job offers or arrange joint ventures. The only qualifying criteria for anything posted here is that it must relate to the Caribbean.

The quick growth of the membership on Plaxo indicates that there are many international business community recognizes the enormous business potential that exist in the Caribbean. For many of them the entire Caribbean is virgin territory as far as their specific business is concerned. The larger islands like Trinidad and Jamaica are not only tourist attractions they offer opportunities in uncharted markets. These businesses are aggressive pioneers that are forging the way for others to follow.

For the Caribbean, the site will provide an opportunity to interact and have access to many global businesses. There will be a lot of opportunities not only to develop additional sources of revenue but to make personal and professional contact with other business people.

The vision of the Caribbean Intelligence is to provide an outside platform where all of the events mentioned earlier could be achieved. It will require the assistance of a number of people but we believe it can be done. Positioned as an active current link globally, anyone can access this blog and post.

Hopefully we have something for everyone who visits this page.

Thanking you.

Tony Puckerin

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