Why Blog?

This blog was established to support the growing membership on Plaxo and Linkedin. The group platform on Linkedin leaves much to be desired and although Plaxo is more flexible it's impossible for the members to stay on topic. In my humble opinion, nobody joins a group with the intention of discussing a specific issue and instead must read various topics.

This blog is solely about issues related to the Caribbean.

Here you will get the latest Caribbean news stories making it easier to get a sense of the business climate of the particular island of interest. You also get access to people inside each country so that you can request for information related to your business. There will be no blatant advertising on this blog except with the moderator's approval.

The Linkedin and Plaxo group members now have a place where they can find information relevant to their business and opportunities in which they can become involved. But this blog is open to everyone even if you are not a member of those groups.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to introduce yourself and let everyone know why you have become a member of this group.

We love you for being here, Stay Blessed

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