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What Can T&T Small Retailers Do To Survive The Oil Crisis?

It’s Time To Get Smarter Or Die
Hard times are coming.   Small business owners in Trinidad and Tobago and eventually the Caribbean must prepare.   Street vendors feel it first. One vendor who operated for years in Mayaro reported that she no longer goes to Mayaro.  She sold kids clothing and underwear for men and women, her weekend sales dropped from $6000 a weekend, to about $2000.  That was before the cost of transporting her goods from Chaguanas to Mayaro.  She did what vendors do best; she moved her business to Tunapuna.
Let’s face it if you are a small business owner and you think that the oil crisis will not affect you, then you should get your head examined.  You are crazier than Crazy.   Today, in the back of every small business owner’s mind are two questions.
1.How will the low oil prices affect my business? 2.What can I do to prepare?
Let’s answer the first question.  T&T lavish economy has been supported by the Energy Sector for the last 25 to 30 years.  A lot less fo…


This article is a reprint of an article plucked from an email.  After you read it you will understand why I had to reprint it here.  
It resonates with a previous article I wrote entitled  Is The Chinese Colonizing The Caribbean? and another that ask Why Are The Chinese Spying On Caribbean Children?

By Paul Ifayomi Grant
Have you ever received money from a Chinese person for anything other than them making change for you? No, is the answer I have been receiving when asking this question as part of an informal survey to Black People. The follow up question is, "Have you ever given money to a Chinese person?" The answer invariably is yes. This imbalance of give and take is reflective of the consciousness of Black people and consequently our relationship with ourselves and others. 
There is a reason why every Black Ghetto has a Chinese food restaurant, but there are no Soul Food restaurants in Chinatown. In fact, the most popular Soul Food restaurant in Harlem, New York on 135t…

FREE: Get More Customers With This Product Creation Tool

Make and Sell Your Own Products First before we get too much into the reasons for an information product lets answer this question.

What is an information product?

Information products comes in many formats, all with the capability of delivering useful information to the receiver.

So in infromation products can come in the form of books, reports, articles, white or green papers and in fact in any written document.  Information products can also come in the form of audio files like a CD, video files DVDs or even in the form of documentaries.  These are all information products. The written documents are no

As you already know a item becomes a product when a price is attached to it.

Ok, so now that you know what an information product is; why should you consider getting an information product for your business?

Here are 3 good reasons why having an information product is essential to any business. .
1.Investment: There is very little or no investment in creating an information product…

General Elections 2015 Results


For a short time during the counting of votes the UNC had the lead in the number of seats but when all the votes were counted, they were 5 seats behind the PNM.

Thank God.
This is how it looks...

Daily News Head Lines
Trinidad Express 

Kamla Swept Out of Office

Jack - I succeeded in ousting Kamla

PNM Anxiety and Joy In Tunapuna

Trinidad Newsday

Rowley Reigns

Prime Minister of All

Trinidad Guardian

PNM Does It

Unbelievable! Are UNC Candidates Paying For Votes?

NO, NOBODY is that stupid. Double negee?
Like Ripley's Believe it or not, you will not believe it. You have heard people talk about paying for votes but you still don't believe it.  
Personally, I could not believe that any genuine political party in a free country with a democratically elected government will allow paying for votes.  
Let's face it, some utterances on the TV, radio or read it in the newspaper are plain out lies or so unbelievable it makes you very skeptical .  
Well, now I can actually say I have experienced one that I have always doubted. .  

Believing it is one thing, understanding why is another.  
Why would a political party in a democracy attempt to pay for votes?
Well maybe it is from a bygone day when the conditions were not the way they are today.  The days when underhanded acts were accepted and with two words "smart man".  T&T as a country has too many educated "smart men". Have we grown beyond those days. We have good sm…