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If You Cannot Articulate Your Business Model, Your Business Will Most Likely Not Survive

Only A Few Businesses Are Using This

Imagine this!

 What if you had a simple tool that can help you plan and manage every aspect of your business?

 A process that is so transparent and easy to use that businesses globally (25 cities in different countries) have started to adopt it.

It simplifies the business building process for the small startup companies as well as large corporations. Imagine having a visual planning tool that takes an instant snap shot of your business. 

A tool that you can use to test your ideas, increase your effectiveness and profitability.

This tool is the result of countless hours of research and design.  It took over one hundred and fifty expert business people to fine tune it so that anyone could understand how it works. The workshop shows you how to bring clarity to the following question?
Who are your real customers?What exactly do they need?What specific value do you provide them?How do you manage your relationship with them?What key resources do you hav…