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The Largest Collection of Online Photos of Trinindad & Tobago

This just had to be shared 

I came across the largest selection of nostalgic picture of the people and places in Trinidad and Tobago.  These are from the times of the Yankees, there is even a picture of the document that abolished the slave trade in Trinidad.  Lots of pictures, hop over there now and take a look if you like

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Mr. Khan - Get Off Your Fat Ass And Do Your Job

The Health Minister is Failing

A group of Trini youths, Youth Voices Magazine" are becoming increasingly  concerned about the affects of non-communicable diseases in T&T.  They see, like we all can our government's attitude towards the future health of Trinidad and Tobago.

In the past I posted about this topic October 2011, "Can The UN World Summit Save 1000s of Lives In T&T?" There were some sobering facts on the condition of the Health Care System in T&T. What is Trinidad & Tobago's government's position with respect to addressing the national health care issues?

The reality is that the question is being answered now by the current Minister of Health, Fuad Khan.  He seems to think that his position in the government is one of an advocate for change.  He does not see himself as an initiator of change.  He has been making some very concerning announcements with regards to his approach or remedies to the situation.  He is letting the populatio…