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The Truth About Marijuana, Ganga, Weed

A Video Documentary That Tells All (below) Decriminalize It...

If there are any laws that have never been studied or enacted based on rational thinking, it's the law that govern the growing, distribution and sales of  marijuana in the Caribbean.

The time has come for all good men to stand in the aid of their country. The fact is that most people are afraid to stand by their beliefs that the laws are wrong and unjust.

Afraid that they will be blacklisted and prosecuted.  Maybe they are smokers who understand the stigma that goes along with being identified as a user.

The stigma is of one being an addict, not as bad as a piper (coke addict) but bad enough to feel ashamed.  In the Caribbean fines for possession of marijuana is sometimes stiffer than fines for cocaine.  Why?

Yet every Monday morning or any day of the week we have people being outed in the court system after having been arrested for marijuana possession.  In the Caribbean it is an accepted way of life, everyday a fami…