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Why It's Important To Understand Marketing Metrics?


As a marketer you must have an appreciation of your market. The most objective way to do this is to employ a marketing tool referred collectively as “marketing metrics”. The term, “marketing metrics” is used to describe the variety of statistics you can glean from your business operations or marketing strategies and tactics implemented in marketing campaigns.

For a retailer operating from a store front, it’s include basic statistics such as # visitors, # buyers, # non-buyer, # items purchased, $ volume, length of time in store for both buyers and non-buyers. All this information is collected in a data base and analyzed to provide guidance to serious marketers as to the effectiveness of the operation and marketing.

It should be obvious that developing metrics is extremely important to any business. The funny thing is that most businesses ignore this function. They don’t realize one thing.

“What Cannot Be Measured, Cannot Be Changed”

Unfortunately, …

3 Things You Must Know To Enjoy Carnival

Dont Get There And Say "If I Only Knew I Would..."

Sometimes a little knowledge helps a lot. Most of what we know comes from experience but fortunately you need not experience everything to get knowledge. I guess that's one of the reasons we read. At least the ones who do. Point is there are some simple things you can do to get much more pleasure from the Carnival festivities in Trinidad. Here are 3 things you will need to know before you venture out.

1. Extended Hours: Understand that everything that you do during Carnival will take a few hours. The all "inclusive" can usually extend itself anywhere from 6-10 hours. The good thing here is that everything you need in the way of food, drink and entertainment is available. On the other hand, large open public events like Panorama, or Kiddies Carnival events can take a lot longer and food is not included. A perfect opportunity for vendors of a variety of local pastries, delicacies, drinks (alcoholic/non) and food …


This is the week before Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, anticipation and excitement is in the air. The murder rate is steadily increasing with criminal becoming more brazen committing crimes in the center of Port of Spain and easily escaping. In the meanwhile thousands of tourists are arriving daily with expectations of a great time in a cauldron of crime without punishment. The overriding thought in their minds is "it wouldn't happen to me". But lets face it with the way things are here now, tourists are obvious targets for theft and robbery with violence.

For this reason many locals are avoiding the large crowds and finding themselves in religious retreats or simply staying at home to avoid any trouble. Of course most carnival parties are now all "inclusive" meaning that the promoters are attempting to keep out the criminal elements of the society by charging high entrance fees and screening their guests. Unfortunately, many of the criminal elements are ea…