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March 29th 2011, BBC Caribbean Shuts Down

A few weeks ago people in the Caribbean were told that the BBC was closing it offices in a number of countries; including the Caribbean.   D Day is finally here, the station is actually shutting down its  Caribbean Services within hours.  . There are literally thousands of people in the Caribbean who will miss this station.  It's the only radio station in the western hemisphere that provided news from a global perspective.  A yesteryear CNN.
If you ever needed to keep abreast of what's happening in any part of the world, the BBC had a correspondent there or would get one in as soon as humanly possible. The Briish lost there influence on many parts of the world in the last fifty years but the BBCs became a staple for people of many countries.
Human interests and breaking news from the Caribbean, Korea, Africa, the Middle East, Libya, or Afghanistan, they are have covered stories in countries whose names I cannot pronounce, . 
They provided almost instant news of people, events, cata…

An Amazing Story Out Of Jamaica, Rasta Yam

 More Unbelievable Than Any "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" Story

Is that a mummified child in the picture?  

This story was so unusual that I had to be shared.  Reported in the Jamaica Gleaner and is posted on the Caribbean Fever  page.  Here's the story.

It was a cool November afternoon and 81-year-old Gervin Henry had just returned to his home in Struan, Manchester, Jamaica after an early-morning trip to Kingston.

He decided to walk down to his farm located just behind his house where he grows potatoes, bananas and yam. It's the place the sprightly golden-ager spends most of his time and he was eager to reap some bananas he had deemed ready the night before.

While he was there he decided dig a piece of yam for his niece

"I dig out one piece and then I move to another side to dig another. I tell you, I get the shock of my life!" he said.

Out of the ground, Maas Gervin pulled a roughly four-pound piece of yam like no other piece of yam he ha…

Drama in Trinidad and Tobago Medical Profession


The Most Dangerous Facebook Action You Can Take

Avoid Facebook Applications Like The Plague In a previous post we pointed out how Facebook has penetrated the lives of at least a third of the Trinidad and Tobago population. (Facebook invades Trinidad and Tobago) High usage does not mean that most users understand the dangers of subscribing to applications on Facebook. 
Trinbagoians are the proverbial “babes” in the electronic woods.  Dangers lurk in seemingly innocent applications and games.  They appear so safe and “cute” that we may even invite our friends to participate thereby exponentially increasing its credibility and penetration. 
Hackers and spammers know this and rely on human nature to complete the loop of deception.  
Have you noticed that almost every application on Facebook requires you give permission to access your personal data before participating?  Your information includes one single piece of information that would allow access to much more than information on your Facebook account; your password.
It’s a fact …

Has Corruption Become “Normal” In Trinidad & Tobago


Commonwealth Day Observance For Women, A Blessing For Trinidad

"Women As Agent For Change"
Yesterday we had two first.  Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar addressed the Commonwealth Day observance ceremony.   
For the first time in history a woman Prime Minister, representing Trinidad and Tobago gave her contribution to such a distinguished organization. 
Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has made a plea for a review of the Commonwealth action plan to include pressing issues which affect women. 

She said; "The time has come for us to acknowledge the growing recognition and importance of women's participation in leadership across the Commonwealth.  Together, the people, societies and organisations of the Commonwealth, the world's oldest political association of sovereign states, with 54 independent member states, can change the fortunes of women for the benefit of all,"
It was also the first time in history that immediate investigations were ordered in the deaths of anyone at a medical facility in Trinidad and Tobago.…