Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caribbean Blogging From Trinidad

This blog was named the Caribbean Basin Think Tank with the intention of getting business people around the world to participate and share their ideas. So far like the group of over 230 people to join on Plaxo and about 40 on Linkedin, I would summarize that there are quite a few people out there that have an interest in the Caribbean.

With the turning of the economy in the United States and Europe, many savvy business people are looking for new markets and the Caribbean represent an almost virgin opportunity to expand. Some have even begun to capitalize of the existence of cheap labor which is comparatively more inexpensive than the labor force at home.

The problem is that most of these businesses have no connections in any of the markets. The internet has opened portals of information and connections that are essential, especially for the entrepreneurs who want to venture out without significant investments.

This blog provides not only a birds eye view of the markets but it also host a collection of news and information resources for most of the Caribbean islands.
The intention is simply to share the Caribbean basin and its possibilities with the rest of the world.

Because the founders of this blog are based in Trinidad we will initially focus on events and issues that occur primarily in Trinidad. Input from other Caribbean countries are encouraged and welcomed but for the near future issues will relate to markets and activities in Trinidad and will include topics on business, culture, politics and social issues.

A forum under the same name has been established on another Caribbean Social Network, Caribbean Axis where there are tools and opportunity for businesses globally to learn more about the Caribbean. A community group has been set up there, the link to that community is: Go Here For The Caribbean Axis

To comment on this blog go to The Caribbean Basin Think Tank Blog

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Thank you for reading and I hope you join me on one of the networks.

Tony Puckerin and Company

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Choice For Caribbean Basin Think Tank Members

This post is directed to members of the Caribbean Basin Think Tank on Plaxo Pulse.

Over the past few months navigation has become extremely difficult on Plaxo. As a result we have decided to move this group to a new location. Invitations have been sent to a few members to join on a new Caribbean social network; Caribbean Axis, a community of Caribbean businesses and people.

We have established a community there so that we can continue sharing information related to the Caribbean. If you wish to stay connected to this group please go to this link, sign up and look under "New Community" for the Caribbean Basin Think Tank or search for the key word "Tony Puckerin". Everyone is invited to join and continue to share information about Caribbean business.

Thanks you and if you choose, See you on the other side.

Tony Puckerin

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