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Haiti’s Man Made Disaster

Ethnic Cleansing In The Dominican Republic
If you lived in Boston, Massachusetts in the 90s you  would remember the popular radio talk show host, David Brodnoy.  He was extremely popular and even was syndicated even though he was admittedly gay.    
While a student at UMass Boston, I listened regularly while driving to his talk show.  One day he made a reference to  Trinidad and Tobago, and from that day on my perception of him was totally changed.  He was an intellectual, in fact he even thought classes in one of the local universities, maybe Boston College. He focused on a variety of local and international topics.  Usually he presented a balanced argument to support his opinions, at least to me he was always rational and interesting way to spend my time in the car.   
That was until the day he called Trinidad and Tobago as a “hell hole”. 
At the time my response was "how in the hell could he say something like that?'  It’s funny, I cannot remember the context of the topic…

TnT PP Government Has Begun Its Slippery Slide From Grace

Yuh Hatta Think It, Before Yuh Do It Trinbagonians Thinking Now Trinidad and Tobago had 2 elections since my last post.  Time flies.
The local election results saw a strong return by the PNM.  You can read the resultshere.
My predictions were all correct.  Love it when you could read the writing on the wall while other believe differently even in the face of facts.
First - The PNM walked away with 9 of the 14 available seats, gaining some inroads into the Chaguanas constituency.  The PP government saw it as a win for them, I'm not going to touch that, maybe you could figure it out.  
The ILP also was able to grab a couple of council seats in Chaguanas but in the end one of the Councilor cross over and voted for the UNC nomination for Mayor and control of the Chaguanas Corporation.  You can read about that here if you wish.   

St Joseph By-Election
UNC beaten again in the St Joseph Constituency By-elections.  The candidates and the results were as follows;
The winner:  PNM, Terrance …