Should T&T Political Parties Campaign Online?

A Strategy That Could Tip The Scales For The Right Party

As we all know by now the PM of Trinidad and Tobago just announced a snap election and last night both political parties kicked off their campaigns.

Unfortunately in a small country such as this even for a non political it is impossible to ignore the collective consciousness of the environment. As a marketer, I shift my paradigm to see the election campaigns in terms of a marketing project.

The People’s National Movement (PNM)

It was speculated and confirmed by the PM that the elections was called, because of a submission by the opposition party, for a vote of no-confidence in the PM and as an extension his party. With the election now a reality, the monumental marketing task for the PNM is to convince the majority of the voting electorate that they are still the smart choice. Their primary challenge address is their...

Credibility – This party must somehow convince the electorate that they are credible, i.e. that their integrity is beyond reproach. It must convince everyone that their excesses, mistakes and intentional policies with respect to taxes and transformation of the public services will help everyone.

To be clear what the party must now convince the electorate that everything that was done while the party was in power was right and just for the country. It would really be interesting to see their campaign/marketing strategy. Credibility is a hard nut to crack and becomes even harder with time when there is a history and even a present that goes against everything that they can promise.

As is obvious, there is a segment of the population that can be described in no other way than "die-hards". These are party members who will not change parties even with hard proof of corruption. This kind of blind loyalty was aptly demonstrated by the PM in his dogged determination to defend the Canadian Chairman of umpteen boards of state owned companies.

His defense of this man stood in the face of hard evidence and testimony by credible witnesses of the existence of potential corruption. The gentleman is now being investigated on criminal charges. A rare case of one man, a non-national contributing to and maybe indirectly causing the calling of a snap election which requires the dissolution of the parliament. Thats on one side, and on the other...

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