Monday, December 31, 2012

My Prospecting Secrets Revealed!

For Most Internet Marketers Getting Leads Is The Biggest Challenge

Let me start off by explaining the biggest benefit of providing your downline members with a viral prospecting system.

It boils down to this...

When you have a viral prospecting system in place for your team members, your downline has the potential to take on a life of its own and continue to grow effortlessly while you're focusing on more important things such as family and friends.

A gentleman I recently discovered managed to accomplish the difficult task of duplication while  maintaining his full time job and family life.

He mentioned that ever since the beginning of his online ventures he was searching for a system that brought interested prospects in automatically.

He didn't have time to do the traditional recruiting methods because they required a lot of time and commitment.

What he wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from his part time efforts.

"But did such a solution exist?"

If it did, he said he couldn't find it...

So after many years of struggling to build a solid passive & residual income through network marketing he decided it was time to take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and he created a simple step-by-step marketing system that literally exploded his downline within a few months.

The part that amazed me the most was the fact that he didn't spend a dime on advertising. And his downline is now over 11,460 strong and growing monthly on auto-pilot.

Ultimately I learned that being a successful sponsor involves providing some type of system that helps people build their business, not sitting around wondering why your downline isn't doing anything.

I guess the quote from Zig Ziglar holds true:

"You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want."

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Is T&T The 5th Most Positive Country In The World?

Proof;  If You Accept Gallup Polls Results

I just read an article that you would like because it is so counter intuitive its an attractive idea. 

The article use as it's basis a Gallup Poll Inc survey as proof that people in less developed countries are happier than countries where there are more material wealth.   The article was printed in the Trinidad Guardian with the title “ T&T ranked No 5 in world for people with positive attitudes”


Well, I can assure you that I’m happy, living in T&T but I still questioned the validly of this survey.  According to the article the top ten happiest countries are Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Thailand and the Philippines.


Each one of these countries have their own problems mostly in terms of crime and government and political corruption.  Is the survey actually saying that these are not variables that affect the happiness of a population?


First, in my humble opinion the sample size was too small.  Polling 1000 people in countries with populations in the hundreds of millions cannot yield an meaningful information.   And: who were polled?  Were they employed or unemployed? Educated?  There are too many unanswered questions to blindly accept the results of this poll. 


In addition, the good doctor in Trinidad referenced in the Guardian's article, Dr Varma Deyalsingh, Secretary of the Psychiatric Association of  T&T justified the results of the poll by citing the obvious such as the closeness of relational facilities i.e. beaches and the tropical climate. The climate here is great but I have lived in cold climates and was no less happy.  Point is there are some people in cold climates who just love it and are the happiest when it snows and everything is icy.

My question is what similarities does T&T have with all the other “developing” countries.  How do we compare to countries like the Philippines? Costa Rica and El Salvador?

That Gallup Poll really did not amount to much in terms of reality.  We must accept their results  because no other organization has assumed the responsibility to do a proper poll but it really is too flawed to accept as proof of any country’s happiness.

By the way the countries with the least happiest were not surprising, like Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan  and  Haiti. Read More Here.
Now you go figure.  Are you happy knowing this?

Here is more published in the Trinidad Express


Friday, December 14, 2012

Work Online With Other People To Make Money (Video)

You Will Not Do It Alone

The internet is a lonely place.  Millions of people are online some seeking their fortune most
just finding out about what's out there.

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More importantly is your mindset, this may not be for you because you are not there yet.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Online Marketing for Results

Honestly, it's a blessing that more businesses are not online

I know, I know I should not think like that but I really believe that it's true.  Some businesses 
really have no business online, they need to focus on the business they have offline. 

You know how they say that a little knowledge hurts some people, well that is absolutely true for
most traditional businesses with a web site. These business owners know that they should have 
a web site, they know that millions of dollars are made by other businesses online everyday.

That's why they were compelled to build a web site.

The problem is that because they know this they think they are "all set" when it comes to the internet.  
They already have a site so what else do they need.

The question they hate to answer is:  How is that working for you?

They either speak in hyperbolies or are honest enough to admit that it adds no value to their business other
than the bragging rights to their customer.

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Infusionsoft is the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, combining your CRM, email marketing and e-commerce tools together into one system. 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Machel Montano guilty on five criminal charges

5 Years Later

This is an update to a post done on 16 February 2012, titled: Is Machel Montano Guilty?  

Well surprise, surprise, it happened.  The Trinidad Express broke the story today.   He is to be sentenced January 17, 2013

The following is the article from the Trinidad Express

By Darren Bahaw News Editor

SOCA STAR Machel Montano was this morning found guilty of five criminal offences.

Montano, the reigning Power Soca Monarch and Road March king, along with Kernel Roberts, the son of legendary Calypso icon Lord Kitchener, Joel "Zan" Feveck, a member of Montano HD Family, and Rodney "Benjai" LeBlanc, best known for his patriotic song, Trini, were all charged with a series of criminal offences arising out a fracas outside the Zen nightclub, in Port of Spain in April 2007.

After postponing her decision on two consecutive occasions, Magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor, presiding in the Port of Spain Magistrates Court, delivered her decision to a packed courtroom this morning.

Montano was found guilty on four charges of assault against Gerard Borwin, Brandis Browne, Janelle Lee Chee and Russell Pollonais.

Montano was also found guilty of using obscene language during the same incident.

Roberts, the composer of several of Montano's hits, was also found guilty on two charges of assault while Benjai, who was charged with two offences of assault and Feveck, who was charged with a single offence of assault, were found not guilty.

Magistrate Baboolal-Gafoor adjourned the matter to January 17, 2013, after hearing pleas of leniency from the attorneys representing the two men.
She ordered that they remain free on bail pending her decision.

They are saying that he will be fined and may have to do some community service.  What do you think?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trinidad Pitch Lake Explained

This post on the Trinidad Pitch Lake was shared in an email.  I felt that it was interesting to share with others who would appreciate the history of one of the wonders of the world.  There is still no definite explanation of how it was formed. Enjoy the...

La Brea Pitch Lake, Trinidad

The La Brea tar pit of southern Iere...People bathing in the minerla pool of La Brea

It is believed that the sulphur mineral waters is a good remedy for skin diseases and has miraculous healing powers for arthritis, pimples, infections and rashes to name a few.

Golden Compass 

"Tierra de Brea", the "Land of Tar" was the original name of the area surrounding the La Brea Pitch Lake in southern Trinidad Pitch is just an archaic English word used by Trinidadians, which simply means tar, or emulsified asphalt to be accurate.

The indigenous Caribs and Arawaks called the black stuff "Piche", and believed that the Pitch Lake, formed by the gods as punishment, swallowed an entire a tribe after they ate humming birds, which were believed to be the souls of their departed ancestors.
Suited visitors look across the Pitch Lake in the early 1900s Sir Walter Raleigh 
When Sir Walter Raleigh "discovered" the Pitch Lake in 1595, it was already known as the Tierra de Brea, it's Spanish name, by the Amerindians guides who introduced Sir Walter to the 95-acre lake of black gold.
Sir Walter Raleigh immediately recognized the potential, even if he did not discover the lake, and began caulking his ships with the tar; proclaiming it "most excellent good", far better in fact than the tar being used at the time in England.
Men extracting the pitch from the Pitch Lake by hand Raleigh Exports Tar 
On his second voyage to Trinidad, Sir Walter Raleigh seized the opportunity to take some of the black gold home with him, where it was used to pave Westminster Bridge for the opening of Parliament. Unfortunately the raw pitch melted in the sun, as it has a tendency to do, covering horses hooves and gumming up carriage wheels.
Since that time however, tar from the La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad has been used to provide high grade road surfaces not only in Trinidad, Tobago and the other islands of the Caribbean, but it has also paved streets in over 50 countries including the United States of America, England, India, Singapore, Egypt, and even Japan.
Looking across the La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad La Brea’s Pitch Lake 
The La Brea Pitch Lake, once considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, is the worlds largest natural deposit of emulsified asphalt.
While not all areas are completely safe, it is possible to walk across the lake, which some disappointed visitors described as looking much like a parking lot. But when you visit you will find that Pitch Lake is not like any parking lot you've ever walked across...
Rather, the surface of the lake is gray and wrinkled like the hide of an elephant or dinosaur, blood warm to the touch, blistered in places, yielding slightly when trodden upon like living flesh. So it's more like treading upon the flank of some immense prone beast, a gigantic mammoth lying prostrate in the sun.
Lush vegetation surrounding the La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad Saturn's Moon Titan 
The Pitch Lake is alive: Not only are the pools at its edges alive with fish, reeds and pink and purple water lilies, which are surrounded with a profusion of Cashew, Tonca Bean, Breadfruit, Guava and palm trees...
But during a recent study, connected with The European Space Agency's exploration of exposed hydrocarbon lakes of Saturn's moon Titan, it was discovered that microbes live and breed beneath the surface of the tar in the lake. A discovery that may one day help answer the question whether or not life exists on other planets.
For more information you can read the transcript of ABC's Science Show on discovering new life in Trinidad's Pitch Lake.
Red-shirted guide showing a visitor the  The Mother of La Brea's Pitch Lake 
Picture the La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad like a pot on very slow boil, and the plates you walk on as similar to the tectonic plates of Earth's crust.
These plates are in constant slow motion and where they meet you'll see what local guides call "the mother", soft petroleum seams that lubricate the shifting plates of semi-solid asphalt, and supply much of the sulfur to the ribbons of water that section up the lake.
In the wet season, when the water is deeper, locals bathe in these rain water pools believing, not without some merit, that these sulfur rich waters can cure all manner of skin maladies including rashes, pimples, infections, mosquito bites and even psoriasis.
If you visit during the rainy season wear shorts, or travel with a bathing suite and a towel. Bathing in these sun warmed, sulfur rich waters is an experience you won't find anywhere else in the world, and doing so will definitely add to the uniqueness of your visit.
The slowley shifting plates of Trinidad's Pitch Lake in La Brea La Brea Tar Pit Origin 
This tar pit, the La Brea Pitch Lake, is believed to be the result of 2 phenomena:
The first is the intersection of the Barbados Arc, an arm of the Caribbean Plate, with the Los Bajos fault, and the resulting subduction crushing oil-bearing rocks beneath, which release petroleum that percolates to the surface through fissures in the form of emulsified asphalt.
The second phenomenon is related to the volcanic forces that create numerous mud volcanoes in southern Trinidad. This volcanic activity mixes the oil, seeping through the colliding plates, with water and fine clay, and gives rise to the Pitch Lake, which is believed to be some 250 feet deep at it's center. It is estimated that at current mechanized levels of commercial extraction there is enough tar to last for 400 years.
For more information about the Geology of the Pitch Lake you can check out the Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago's paper on the area.
La Brea Pitch Lake Visitor Center, southern Trinidad La Brea Village 
Underground fissures or fingers of asphalt cause the entire area around the La Brea Pitch Lake to be unstable, road surfaces to buckle and building foundations to sink.
As a result roads are often roller coaster like, and the predominately wooden homes of villagers must be propped up regularly as one corner of the building or the other sinks into the ground.
Water lilies grow profusely at the La Brea Pitch Lake Stories & Examples 
There's much at the Pitch Lake for active inquiring minds to explore.
Stories both old and new for a good guide to entertain you with during your 45-minute tour. Stories of past and sometimes unhealthy uses like during the 1920s when tar from the La Brea Pitch Lake was burnt to fumigate Port-of-Spain after an outbreak of smallpox, not that it did anyone much good.
Red-shirted official guides at the La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad Choosing a Guide 
Be weary when choosing guide, while there are many local residents who are eager to show you around the lake for a fee, we suggest that you drive into La Brea Pitch Lake Visitor Center and hire an official red-shirted guide for the very reasonable price of $30TT, approximately $5US, £3UK or €3.50EUR, which includes safe and secure parking.
Sailing ships being loaded with tar at the turn of the last century, La Brea, Trinidad Museum Exhibit 
There is also a new Museum Exhibit at the Visitor Center, which pays homage to the unique topography and prehistoric history of La Brea, explores the early settlement of Trinidad's first people, the myths of El Dorado and Sir Walter Raleigh's visits, the La Brea Pitch Lake's connection with the worlds first oil well, and other interesting facts about the unique history of the area and the continuing extraction and export of pitch from the lake.
The La Brea tar pit is a great place to visit when combined with other tours like exploring the East Indian culture of Central Trinidad, a visit to the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, or even a trip to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Get Rid of Tattoos Naturally

How "Get Rid Tattoo"TM Works?

Tattoos' insoluble pigments are buried within the inner layers of the skin. This appears under a microscope as tiny granules of color (pigment). 

These granules are located in a skin cell known as a macrophage. Macrophages normally remove foreign objects (for example, bacteria) from the body. The pigment, grit or carbon powder that has caused the tattoo ‘freezes’ the macrophage cell so that it can’t do its job. As a result, the pigment remains in the skin and the tattoo becomes permanent.

However, the natural products in Get Rid Tattoo
TM will activate the Macrophage skin cell within first month of treatment and will gradually start to fade the tattoo pigments naturally by breaking them down into tiny ink particles. The Tattoo will then fade over a series of treatments and
the ink fragments are carried away by the body's lymphatic system.

Remove Tatoos

This is a no fluff, no BS, tattoo removal guide that contains everything you need to know
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Top 10 Reasons For Working On A Boat

Ever Considered Work on a Cruise Ship?

It's an exotic lifestyle that takes you away from what you know at home and affords you the opportunity to save for a special project you have been wanting to complete 

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T&T Tobacco Companies Blantantly Ignore Tobacco Laws

Did You Know That Single Cigarette Should Only Be Sold In Wrappers Labeled: "SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH" In...