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Trinidad Local Government Elections PP, PNM, MSJ, ILP

Sharing Why I Voted & Who I Voted For
Today I voted in the Local Government elections in Trinidad and Tobago.  There was no indecision in my vote or the reason for me voting.  First of all let me say that one of the reasons I felt I had to vote is because I think that for someone to comment and observe anything that sooner or later you have to take a position.  I vote for the right to be able to take a stand and say I prefer this party or that party.  Before I tell you who I voted for, I will share with you the choices I had and you tell me how you would have voted given the political climate in the country.

The People’s Partnership Government (PP) , primarily represented by the United National Congress (UNC), The Congress of the People (COP) and the silent partner, the National Joint Action Committee.  This is the Party I supported in the last election.  The situation was that the then incumbent government led by the then Prime Minister, Patrick Manning had to go.  The reasons ar…