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2012 Junior Calypso King Now The 2012 Calypso Monarch Winner

Few Predicted This 2012 Calypso Monarch Results As a junior calypso performer he was a look-alike.  He looked like Ian Alleyne, the popular Television crime fighter.  The Calypso that won him the Junior Calypso Crown also contributed to his new win.  The calypso was both witty and creative.  Today he stands tall, and he is, as the 2012 Calypso Monarch Winner. 
With the same rendition, The Hunt Is On” (words made popular by Ian Alleyne), this relatively unknown calypsonians came in and upset the 2012 Calypso Monarch Crown cart.  
 His name is Duane O’Conner who also sung “Long Live Calypso” to take away the grand prize of 1 million dollars. He beat 11 other professional, veteran and previous Monarch winners to walk away with the Crown. Here is his rendition of "The Hunt is On"

The Winner

The Biggest Loser

Also, we must mention the veteran Calypsoian, "Cro Cro" who's performance was also very witty and creative but focused on the inadequacies of Afro-Trinidadians in …

ONE Winner - 2012 Power & Groovy Soca Monarch

Machel Wins It All - Power and Groovy Soca Monarchs 2012

Thousands turned up the 2012 Power and Groovy Soca Monarch Competition.  It went till early in the morning and with the stipulation that the artists could not leave before the winners were announced a number of fetes were without a headliner.  

 The absolute winner of both competitions was;  Machel Montano with the results as following:

1. Machel Montano (Pump Yuh Flag)
2. Iwer George (No Pain)
3. Destra
4. Prophet Benjamin (Throw Wine) & Blaxx

1. Machel Montano (Mr Fete)
2. Kerwin Du Bois (Bacchanalist)
3. Benjai (People's Champion)
4. Nadia Batson
5. Kees Diffenthaller (Stress Away)
Power Soca Monarch Winning Selection  "PUMP YUH FLAG"


Groovey Soca Monarch Winning Selection "MR. FETE"


Stay tuned more to come. 


Is Trinidad and Tobago’s Machel Montano Guilty?

Trial In The Court of Public Opinion
The answer to that question is still blowing in the wind.  The raw truth is that rude boy Machel Montano influences the youths of the Caribbean.  Like Michael Jackson, Machel Montano finds himself having to defend actions in his private life in the Courts of Law and Public Opinion.  For the Trinidad and Tobago youths and even for the not so young, Machel Montano is an entertainment icon.  
This is an icon that is facing criminal charges for battery and assault.   Guilty or not, his fans has compartmentalize this from his celebrity status and continue to crave his very presence.   This is Machel Montano the reigning Soca and Road March King, and we might add very well off with the millions he is raking in for appearances on shows and national cash prize awards.   He has been photographed on stage holding hands and being congratulated by the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister in 2012 Carnival shows.   But this is a stale issue, everyone his fans should…

Who Will Be T&T's 2012 Calypso King?

2012 Calypso King Semi Finals Are Over.

220,000 Carnival Visitors To Land In T&T

Numbers Never Lie, People Do Online research on the number of visitors to Trinidad and Tobago for the carnival season bought some interesting realities.   
As natives, we call it “plenty people” “people like peas” not ever taking time to figure out exactly how many people are really attracted to the Carnival celebrations.   
But when a daily newspaper reports that a government Minister, Min Gypsy Peters made a grand proclamation the number of "confirmed" visitors seemed astronomical.  According to the Newsday article:
“Some 220,000 Carnival visitors will be brought to TT by Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) said Arts and Multi-Culturalism Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters, at yesterday’s post-Cabinet news briefing at the Diplomatic Centre. He alluded beyond the CAL figure given to last week’s meeting of Cabinet’s Finance and General Purposes (F&GP) Committee, further visitors would be brought to TT by other airlines. Peters later confirmed the 220,000 CAL visitors hold confirm…

8 Anti-Crime Tips For Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Visitors


Can The Carnival Spirit Die?

Spirit Has It's Own Expressive Momentum Flowing and Morphing Into Other Forms

Yuh know what?  In the true sense of the word I have lost my Trininess. Facing the fact that many years overseas have dulled my senses to what is widely known as “catching d spirit”.  
 It is not like it's a stranger, at once upon a time I was one with that spirit.  An intrinsic part of my being.  But that was a long time ago before being away for a couple decades.  I lost touch, Carnival Monday and Tuesdays became normal work days.  Finding sound bites on Carnival on in the media was more painful than satisfying.  .  
Today, many Trinbagonians are busy getting ready for two days of frolicking in the streets of Trinidad and Tobago.  I must admit as a returning native I’m out of tune with the celebrations.  I may be a sense that there is nothing that I could add to Carnival it has been happening for so long all I can do is observe.  I'm satisfied to find myself in one of the Mas camps on Carnival Su…