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51 Arrested In The Beetham

Is Trinidad Law Enforcement Tactics Similar To The Middle East?

An article I read a couple of days ago had me thinking. The title of this post was a headline in the Trinidad Express.

What bothered me about it is a little controversial because I know some people here would not agree with what I have to say. I know this because today I read the Express editorial condoning what happened at the Beetham.

According to the story the 200 police officer and 60 regiment officers locked down the Beetham and searched every house in there. Fifty one persons were arrested. Question is: Was that action supported by the Constitution of this Republic? And if it is that needs to be changed. Was it ethical?

Ah know those things eh important when people getting killed but even murderers have rights. Now you and I know that most of the people in the Beetham just poor, they not all gangsters, thieves and murderers.

It reminds me of what we hear about in countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya and other…