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In Jail Since Big Bird Was a Humming Birdl, Without A Trial

3 Trending Items In Trinidad & Tobago March 4th 2016 1. Express Headline: I enjoyed the freedom, I eh touch no gun, knife, ice-pick *

An Unjust Justice System: What will it take before the people in power realize that something has to be done with the judicial system in Trinidad and Tobago.  The entire judiciary system is a remnant of colonialism.  Old laws, old systems that have not kept up with the changing times.  
We just keep doing what we were told is the right thing to do.  How could anyone justify someone waiting 12 years for a trial.  Guilty until proven innocent, this could be you or a family member. When you this is put in the light of the incredible efficiency of our law enforcement agencies, something has to be done. . 
This is just one case, when people are  put in a position where they feel their backs are against a wall there is nothing else to do but do what any reasonable human being would do.  
In the meanwhile we have a judiciary that is allotted $10.1 million for …