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Caribbean Blogger Massive March Giveaway

For Business Owners and Consumers
The Caribbean Blogger has teamed up two of the biggest marketers using Giveaways to build lists.  If you did not take up the offer on the welcome mat, you should really consider this.  It is not only for marketers, you can join and get some sweet downloads.
I took a look around and was amazed at all the high quality products these marketers had entered in this event.
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This will uncover some real Internet Marketing Treasures that I am sure you will benefit from.

Where did all these goodies come from?
I teamed up with Randy Maddox and Nathan Hale who have called in some favors from a whole bunch of top online marketers and convinced them all to give you TONS of Products at absolutely no cost to you. It is my w…

New Coconut Oil Diet Improves Health and Reduces Weight; Without Changing Your Normal Diet Or Exercising

Scientists Reveal The Nutritional and  Curative Powers of This Superfood. 
"Coconut Oil can help you burn for fat" It has been scientifically proven that weight loss is one of the benefits of a coconut oil diet.

This according to an article by Authority Nutrition; 10 Evidence based health benefits of coconut oil.

This super food with its white soft, fleshy, giggly core is a natural source of nutrients.

Most Caribbean people, across every island, believe they know everything they need to know about coconut oil.  They don't. .

Get this specially written eBook you can download for free and keep forever as reference .

Get Your Coconut Oil Diet Here.

A Glimpse Into the Belly of The Trinidad and Tobago' Criminal Justice System

For Too Many Paradise Becomes Hell
Shit happens. Lets face it, you are an accident or stone's throw away from losing your freedom.

A loud rapping sound on your door or a police road block in the company of the wrong people could land you in jail.

You could even lose it one day and loudly use the F word in the presence of the law and that too can land you in jail.  Never mind, that every 6 year old uses it and it is the common language with the people who arrest you.
No question, crime is bad but the solutions that we have in place makes it even worse. .

There are stories of grandmothers being dragged out and arrested because a grandchild hid marijuana in her house. The law is the law and when it is broken somebody or everybody must pay. The police has been known to arrest everyone in a car load of five people, with one joint. Here is a previous post that shares The Truth about marijuana, ganga, weed.

And by the way, no one was ever arrested when "a plant like substance&q…