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FREE Proven Small Business Pricing Strategies

What Is The Right Price?
Price it too low, you lose, too high you lose.

What is the best way to price your products or services?
Have you ever tried to price an item or service and did not know where to start other than what your competition is doing?

When you have done everything else and the issue of price comes up. How do you arrive at a fair price? 

What is the best price?.
This is an experiment. 
Do something that I want, and I will do something you want, if you are a business owner or interested in pricing products or services.

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4 Trending Issues in Trinidad and Tobago

Just the Facts with Opinions Trinidad and Tobago is full of good and bad news.  Occasionally, when the feeling comes or the occasion demands, trending issues, topics that are important to the country will be shared here.  The recent stats on this blog indicates that the Diaspora outnumber the local by at least 5 times more than local IP addresses. 
I have decided to campaign for more interaction on this blog, before it was not a concern, people followed because either knew who I was or they found it interesting. 
The Caribbean Blogger is a source of spontaneous, opinionated imperfectly expressed commentary on real news in the Caribbean and especially Trinidad and Tobago.
As far as the news is concerned, the Caribbean Blogger is like the main stream news, I choose what is shared. If you are interested in some other topics. Make a request, it will be mentioned here.  The following are the issues that concern the people I know now.
Trinidad and Tobago is in Recession!
The other shoe ha…