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180 Top Soca Tunes for 2105

Tbe Best of Soca

Chucky Wins Dimanche Gras 2015

Second Year In A Row Roderick "Chucky" Gordon reigned supreme at the Dimanche Gras on Carnival Sunday night to win his Calypso Monarch title for the second time in two years.

He  graced the Queen's Park Savannah stage in Port of Spain with two scintillating performances. Chucky won the judges' approval with his renditions of "The Rose" and "I Believe" to defy the challenges of 11 rivals and keep the crown on his head for another year in what was a quality-filled event.

Devon Seale captured second with his offerings "My Humble Plea" and "Soul Judges", while third place was taken by former monarch, Karene Asche, with her delivery of "Bridge The Gap" and "Every Knee Shall Bow."

Result 1. Roderick "Chucky" Gordon - "The Rose"/"I Believe"

2. Devon Seale - "My Humble Plea"/"Soul Judges"

3. Karene Asche - "Bridge The Gap"/"Every Knee Shall Bow"

Can Machel Montano Get Nominated for a Grammy?

Machel Vision - Beyond Island Soca This week, after winning the Monarch competition for the 5th time, he let it slip out he has a bigger vision.  This is not new, he has mentioned it on many occasions.

Today's Carnival Sunday Trinidad Express headline states,  "Machel Passes Soca Baston: Sets Sights on Grammy" .  

He is serious..

That is a big thing but for some people, it's the little things that count.  How you deal with unexpected situations and occurrences can give some insight into the other side of a person's character.

Last week it was reported that Machel allowed his emotions to control his behavior, publicly lamblasting everyone in sight.  His, what was described as "disrespectful behavior" triggered an immediate response of hundreds of patrons walking out of the event.

Later it was reported that he refused to apologize.  It may appear that this is totally unrelated to his desire to get a Grammy nomination but like was noted before, it is the…

2015 Carnival Soca/Groovy/Power Monarch Results

International Soca Monarch Groovy Monarch Results1. Olatunji 2. Farmer Nappy
3. Ricardo Drue
4. Destra Finalists as they appeared :
1: Wildcard artiste. To be advised on Monday 9th February
2: Chow Chow
3: Erphaan Alves
4: Chucky
5: Blaxx
6: Skinny Fabulous
7: Destra Garcia
8: Nadia Batson
9: Farmer Nappy
10: Ricardo Drue
11: Benjai
12: Lyrikal
13: Leadpipe + Saddis
14: Fadda Foxx
15: Olatunji Yearwood International Power Monarch Groovy Monarch Results
1. Machel Montano
2. Iwer George
3. Granny
4. Shurwayne Winchester
1: Shurwayne Winchester
2: Shal Marshal + Squeezehead
3: KI
4: Patrice
5: Mr Killa
6: Granny
7: Snakey
8: Iwer George
9: Machel Montano
10: Blaxx
11: Kernal Roberts

2015 TnT Carnival Police Advisory

Be Careful This Carnival 2015
Police Advice: Leaving home, wearing jewelery, wearing a mask if not in a band, not driving with a mask, must be register in a band, wearing camouflage, ladies traveling alone, meeting strangers for the first, use public transport avoid PH taxis, bands must be registered,

Jumping up indiscriminately in bands, observe band security, tolerance, act responsibly,

Lingo Wins TnT Extempo Competition 2015

$260.000 First Prize for The Blind Man
Do have a recording from last night on Youtube yet but thougth you might enjoy the following extempo clips.  This one is about him winning a $50.000 prize back in 2007

Money is no problem....

Extempo Gypsy vs Black Sage

Worst Dressed Prime Minister

Compare Her to Other Fashionistas
Someone in the UNC camp thought they could justify the ridiculous outfit worn by a sitting prime minister to a Carnival Fete.   
Do you think she compares?
Does she make the cut?

Apparently she should fire her fashion advisers.  .

Your comments.

Here is what some facebook fans had to say.

Hahaha so u comparing our pm with Taylor swift and Kardashian???!!!.... Really...y not compare her with other leading females in the world likee Michelle Obama or the Jamaican pm... ... She is a pm.....even though is carnival time i dont think she or whoever dressed her did a good job...just my opinion

Now they know what Oscar looks like when he gets out the garbage can. 

And this from impaired sighted person...

They just jealous that they can't ever look so carnival season people, should she have worn a business suit, she dressed to blend in with the crowd comfortably and again....SHE LOOKING DAMN GOOD.

What you think?

2015 Top 5 Most Pre-Carnival Soca Artists

Olatunji - Ola Dance "Trinidad Soca 2015"

Lyikal - Cloud 9 "2015 Trinidad Soca"  

Destra - "Lucy 2015 Soca" 

Vagabond "2015 Soca Music" Ricardo Drue

Like Ah Boss - Soca 2015 Machel Montano