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How Does the $Million Drug Bust Hurt Trinidad and Tobago?

Trinbagonians Are Now Internationally Profiled as Drug Dealers
The fallout for the average law abiding citizen in Trinidad and Tobago has just begun.  The news might be dramatic but it’s the average citizen who will pay the price of a drug shipment gone wrong or right, depending on perspective.  It’s definitely cause for some reflection.
Imagine for a moment that you lived in a house where illicit drugs were sold.  A package of drugs was intercepted after allegedly leaving the house.   Drugs were never found in the house but the police are absolutely sure that your house is the source of the drugs.  What would you expect to happen?
Well in Trinidad that does not take brain surgery.  The authorities will arrest everybody in the house and begin a series of torturous interrogations.  Father, mother, brother, sister and anyone else who lived in the house will be suspect.  Everyone who lives in the house will be scrutinized and targeted as potential drug dealers.  They are all assumed gui…

Natural Vision Without Glasses, Contacts, Surgery or Drugs

See Naturally I've been involved in the self-help industry in some capacity or other for many years. I’ve reviewed hundreds if not thousands of self-help products covering a wide variety of topics. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of good and not-so-good self-help material over the years that I’ve been doing this. But the moment I heard about Natural Clear Vision, I instantly knew it was nothing short of a winner. And that was before I’d even tried the product out. When I eventually did get to doing, it not only proved my assumptions correct but blew me away as well! It was honestly, an out of this world experience. I never knew a self-help product could invoke such feelings in someone until I stumbled upon Natural Clear Vision. I’d like to make one thing clear though, which is that I wasn't paid or sponsored to do this review, so everything you’re about to hear is completely unbiased and represents nothing but my honest opinion of this product. Most self-help guides I’ve ha…

Professor of Calypso: Hollis Urban Liverpool

The Genesis of a Calypso
Rituals Of Power and Rebellion Calypso is changing, the old calypso were classics that live on today. With the new calypsos you cannot remember them from one year to the next.

One of our greatest calypsoniams the Mighty Chalkdust, Hollis Liverpool was one of the first to document the origins of calypso in his book "Rituals of Power and Rebellion"

Hollis Urban Liverpool was the Director of Culture for the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago up to 1999 and is currently the Director of the Carnival Institute, a division of the National Carnival Commission.

He holds a BA and MA in History from the University of the West Indies; a MA in African History and a Ph.D. in History and Ethnomusicology from the University of Michigan, a Post-grad Diploma in Education from the University of the West Indies; and a Certificate of Philosophy from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

He has published four books and written several papers on Trinidad & Tobago’s …

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2014 & Crime

Why You Should Not Worry

Christmas done. 2014 Carnival is about to descend on Trinidad and Tobago.  Once again the topic of crime and carnival raises its ugly head.

Carnival is intrinsic to our culture, our tradition it will not be stopped because the number of murders have skyrocketed.

The Brits recently issued a warning to its citizens to be wary when visiting our little paradise in the sun.

Is it justified?  Probably is because if my family was going to visit here, I'll also tell them to be careful, the saye I would if they were going to visit New York City.

To be honest, 2014 murders are happening quicker than the fire works on New Years day, one right after the other.  Nothing like in Mexico but with a population of only 1.3 million people it looks bad.

According to our loud mouth National Security Minister who along with the Commission of Police are singing a "serious crime is down" song for anyone who will sing along with them.  We the people think that murder…

In Defense of The World's #1 Brother: Barak Obama

The post below is an article is reprinted in defense of the #1 Brother in the world today. Frank Schaeffer has articulated a truth much better than I could do. IMHO he did a great job. Read and enjoy.

"The Lynching of Barack Obama" by Frank Schaeffer December 14, 2013  I’ve watched liberal and right-wing commentators alike blame the president for being lynched. They say “he’s not reaching out enough” or “he’s too cold.” It’s the equivalent of assuming that the black man being beaten by a couple of thug cops must have “done something.” I am a white privileged well off sixty-one-year-old former Republican religious right-wing activist who changed his mind about religion and politics long ago.  The New York Times profiled my change of heart saying that to my former friends I’m considered a “traitorous prince” since my religious right family was once thought of as “evangelical royalty.” I’ve just spent the last 7 years writing over 200,000 words in blogs and articles in support of P…