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Underground Sex in Trinidad & Tobago

Exotic Massage Parlors & Escort Services

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A couple of months ago, an old friend of mine, Christopher V. from Boston, came down to Trinidad for what he called ‘rest and relaxation”.   We had worked together at a company for a long time, we socialized together and we had become really good friends.   He was single at the time, later he would get married and settle down.  He had recently become single again, his wife died in a tragic car accident eight months ago. 
I met him at the airport and you would not know from his demeanor that he was still carrying memories of his wife with him.  I learned later that it had really taken a toll on him.  
I knew as soon as he had told me on the phone what had happened and that he was looking for somewhere where he could see different things and have different experiences; he wanted to forget. 

When I say him at the airport he had a grin from ear to ear with a large …