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Warning: Facebook Is Killing Productivity In Trinidad And Tobago

How Many Houyrs Are We Spending On Facebook Every Month?

In the last post we saw how Facebook has invaded the minds of at least 33 percent of the population. Facebook has become as important as the Internet for most of the Trinbago population with access to the Internet.

Today we want to look at Facebook from the aspect of time and the value it brings to the Trinidad and Tobago population. The fact is that Facebook is a genuine social network where people meet and interact with each other. It’s universal, people are social animals.
According to the latest statistics there are now over six hundred million people on Facebook. They view a total of an estimated 770 billion Facebook pages every month and typically visit the site 40 times per month. Users spend an average of 23 minutes on each visit. That calculates to 9.3 billion hours used on Facebook in a month. 
Therein lies the problem. Facebook is killing the productivity of Trinidad and Tobago. Consider this. What happens …